Drastic Change is Needed.

Because of the gravity of the situation and the nature of the harm caused, the AGM must cease operation immediately.

A petition is now live on Please visit the Action page for a shareable image and help us spread the word.

If you are interested in showing support and want funders to hold the AGM accountable, you can write directly to them using the templates available here. Please amplify the demands listed on this page, and included on the petition. You can write to:

Paul Damaso, Director, Culture Division, City of Mississauga

Carolyn Vesely, CEO, Ontario Arts Council

Anne Marie Peirce, President and CEO, Community Foundation of Mississauga

Katharine Bambrick, CEO, Ontario Trillium Foundation

Simon Brault, Director and CEO, Canada Council for the Arts

In order to reset, the following must occur:

  1. All staff (no matter how they are funded) must be let go. Precariously employed staff must be offered severance equal to them having worked for 1 year.
  1. The Interim Executive Director must resign.
  1. The Board of Directors must resign (and memberships must be put on hold).
  1. The recruitment of a permanent Executive Director must stop.
  1. Funders (City of Mississauga, Ontario Trillium Foundation, Ontario Arts Council, Canada Council for the Arts and any others for project funds) must not release any further funds to the AGM and must recoup funds appropriately.
  1. An Advisory Committee must be established, made up of BIPOC community members with deep knowledge of the harm perpetuated and of community needs. As the City of Mississauga is the AGM’s largest funder, it is feasible that the City support the establishment of this Advisory Committee. BIPOC staff within the City of Mississauga’s Culture Division should be responsible for supporting this Advisory Committee – and if there are no BIPOC staff within Culture Division to take this on, a consultant (or consultants) should be hired to support this work.
  1. The Advisory Committee must undertake a review of the AGM’s practices, including documenting the experiences of BIPOC individuals and communities -making public the harm that has been caused through a comprehensive report. This report is a model for all other arts and culture organizations in the City, who are mostly led by white people.
  1. The Advisory Committee will make recommendations for a new organizational structure of the AGM, including governance, priorities and potential BIPOC leaders.
  1. The process must be transparent. It should be completed within 1 year, with regular updates to community.
  1. A new integrity process must be developed so that staff, artists and community members can report issues occurring at City-funded arts and culture organizations, knowing that there will be action.

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