Media reports on “a culture of human rights abuses and discrimination” in Institutions, naming AGM amongst others

In an article, author and Head of Human Rights at the Montreal Holocaust Museum, Armando Perla outlines “a culture of human rights abuses and discrimination” that plagues institutions such as those faced by staff and artists at the AGM.

To read the full article, click the underlined text above or click on the image below.

image: screen shot of article showing the heading, “The Museum Sector is in Crisis” along side the date, August 31, 2020, the author, Armando Perla, the first paragraph and a portion of an image featuring ThianĂ© Diop during an interview with CBC Manitoba in front of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.

insauga reports on the AGM’s response

In the below article, reports on the emerging accounts of harm and the Art Gallery of Mississauga’s response. While the article shares a statement from Sonja Banic, Manager, Culture Services at the City of Mississauga, and reports that the Gallery did not submit a comment in time, did not make any efforts to reach out to Hold AGM Accountable for comment.

Click on the underlined text above or the image below to read the article.

image description: a screen shot of the article with a headlines at the top, an image of the gallery interior and an introductory paragraph at the bottom of the image. The headlines read: Art Gallery of Mississauga responds to allegations of racism, calls for the gallery to cease operations.

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